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Loving the anorak for fall!

17 Oct
Loving the anorak for fall!


I am in love with the idea of an anorak this fall. They just seem so versatile and comfortable, while still being very fashionable. They are an easy way to look like you got dressed when you had two minutes to throw something on and run. This is one way that I would wear my anorak to class or just out shopping or running arrands. Hope you like it!

P.S. There will probably be more anoraks to come! 😉


How Do I Wear My… Leather Shorts

17 Oct

Love this post! I am loving leather for fall and these are some great ideas on some ways to style it !

TopKnots & PolkaDots

Leather is everywhere right now. From pants, leggings & shorts to paneling on sweaters and jackets, it has become one of the hugest trends of the season. Although it’s not too hard to find a good leather item in stores, it can be much more difficult to figure out what to wear with it.

I received a comment on my last How Do I Wear My… post from a friend of mine, Katy, who bought some high waisted leather shorts on a whim before realizing she had no idea how to wear them. Her BDG vegan leather shorts from Urban Outfitters are incredibly cute, not to mention majorly on sale right now! To grab a pair of your own, click here!

Even though Urban Outfitters was SUPER helpful in styling these shorts, I don’t really see Katy (or anyone) rocking these shorts with a crop top and white platform sneakers…

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Printed Denim

16 Oct
Printed Denim

Kenzo jeans

J Brand colorful jeans
$145 –

Ted Baker clothing
$175 –

VILA clothing
$22 –